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2006-10 Asia tour


This two-week trip started in Beijing, then onto Tokyo and Osaka, Seoul, and finally finished up in Singapore.

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2006-04 Durham - Melbourne - Shanghai


One of my craziest trips (3 weeks total), I started out in Durham (didn't take any pictures here). I had scheduled half a day in San Francisco to unpack, repack, do a customer demo and catch a flight to Melbourne. On the way I was told that I had to "stop by" Shanghai afterwards. This meant getting an emergency last-minute Chinese visa in less than one day. To top it off I had a sinus infection and laryngitis, but I still managed to get out and see the cities a bit.

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2006-01 San Diego


At this big meeting in San Diego, we had an afternoon off for fun, followed by a formal dinner party. My friend Jeff and I borrowed scooters from Jan and rode them around town. I managed to get mine up to 40 mph for a few minutes but then it overheated and stalled.

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15 - Korean train62 viewsThis train stops here, just short of the border with North Korea
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