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2007-08-12 Tour de Max


The Tour de Max, named after Max Yonker, supported the Lance Armstrong Foundation, with 25, 40, and 70 mile options. I rode with my friend Dave on the 70 mile ride, we started in Menlo Park and rode over the mountains to the coast and back.

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2007-08-23 SF falafel ride


Met up with some BikeForum friends for a riding tour of San Francisco, including a great falafel shop. Including my ride to and from the Millbrae BART station, I did about 40 miles.

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2007-08-26 Tour d'Organics Santa Cruz


This ride benefitted and visited local organic farms, with lots of vegan food at the rest stops. There were 40, 60, and 100 mile options, I met up with a few new friends to do the 60 mile (5300') ride.

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2007-10-27 BF Mt Tam


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2007-10-13 BF Calaveras-Palomares


Another BF group ride, this time on Calaveras and Palomares in the East Bay. 8 of us met up in Milpitas, and rode a loop through Sunol, Pleasanton, Castro Valley, and Fremont.

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2007-11-23 Berkeley hills


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2008-03-02 Three Bears


I organized a BF group ride, this time in the East Bay, incorporating part of the Grizzly Peak Century route. We started at the Pleasant Hill BART station, then took Alhambra Valley to Bear Creek Rd where we rode the Three Bears (Mama, Baby and Papa). We took rollers through El Sobrante, Pinole (where we stopped for lunch), Hercules, and Rodeo. We then rode by the refineries, one last tough hill, and then descended back through Martinez to Pleasant Hill.

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2008-03 BF Bow


On the women's bike forum that I am on, we have a special traveling "Bow" that visits different members and shares their adventures, a la "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". It was my turn to host Bow at the end of March / beginning of April, and I wanted her to experience my different bikes.
Friday: Commute from Foster City to Union City on the Birdy.
Saturday: Group ride on the Peninsula with the Orbea.
Sunday: North Bay / SF group ride with the Ducati.

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2008-04-12 BF Oddball ride


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2008-07-06 BF Tandem-Wheelsucker Ride


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2008-07-12 SF Folderfest


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2008-08-22 Russian Ridge


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2008-08-30 Mt Diablo


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2008-09-01 Mt Hamilton


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2008-09-02 Water Dog Park


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2008-09-03 Mt Tam


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2008-09-05 San Bruno Mountain


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2008-12-27 Mt Diablo


Alan arranged this small group ride for Henry, who had never been up Mt. Diablo before. We climbed and descended the south side. It was cold!

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2009-04-12 Easter Tunitas Creek ride


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2009-04-19 Tunitas - Page Mill loop


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Random files - Bike rides
02 - First rest stop off of Calaveras47 viewsJack, Ramon, Jin, me, Angel and Tony (photo by Ron)
Lunch in Pescadero60 viewsChris, Michael, Ruth and Marco
01 - bikers and llamas55 viewsGeorge, Joyce, Curtis and Pete with llamas in the background, just before turning onto Bear Creek Rd.
08 - Andrea and Michael40 views
36 - Ron26 viewsWe headed out for the first climb, Old La Honda. This is a favorite of local cyclists to "test" themselves on. It is about 3.5 miles, average 7-8% grade (max 15%).

Ron and I hung out for a lot of the climb (photo by Henry).
12 - Birdy and Bow on the Bridge44 viewsWe took a brief photo break at the top of the bridge.
52 - Meeting at Tam Junction Starbucks30 views
46 - Marco, Ruth, me and Henry taking a coffee break38 viewsMarco, Ruth, Henry and me relaxing outside of Peet's (photo by Ron).

As we were sitting there, we realized that at some point we had lost Pete! I left him a voicemail to let him know what was going on, and then he called back Ron. It turns out that he had taken a wrong turn when he came back to look for us after the crash, and then just kept on going. He decided to stop for a sandwich and then do a bit more riding and meet us back at the start. Meanwhile, while we were checking for messages from Pete, Henry discovered that one other rider actually had a mechanical issue early on and missed the first climb entirely. Oops! Luckily he was ok, just ended up with a solo ride instead of a group one.

Finally, Ramon came back and took Ron and his bike home. I found out later that Ron got checked out by his doctor and is doing just fine, no major injuries, just bruising.

Last additions - Bike rides
China Grade dead-end90 viewsOct 26, 2009
01 - View from Alpine68 viewsJun 01, 2009
02 - dirt part of China Grade57 viewsJun 01, 2009
03 - dirt part of China Grade72 viewsJun 01, 2009
04 - Can't go on Butano Fire Road68 views:-(Jun 01, 2009
Lunch in Pescadero60 viewsChris, Michael, Ruth and MarcoMay 18, 2009
04 - Jamie, me, Neil, Rich and Doug at Woodside Bakery58 viewsMay 04, 2009
05 - My filthy legs58 viewsMay 04, 2009