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2009-05-03 BF Slowpoke Ride


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2009-05-17 BF Pescadero pre-ride


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2009-05-31 Birdy hill extravaganza


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01 - Pete and the taxi bike70 views
69 - Henry tries the Birdy68 views
30 - Taking a break50 viewsPhoto by Ron
4-Me at the finish146 viewsI was tired but happy!
65 - Richard Sachs bike55 views
03 - Climbing Mt Hamilton73 views(photo by Ron)
44 - Ron and his helmet48 viewsBy this time, the rest of our group got in touch with us and rode back up the hill to meet us. Ramon lived the closest, so he rode off to get his car. Ron said he felt well enough to continue on to a safe spot to rest. We then all mounted our bikes and coasted slowly, dragging brakes the whole way, the rest of us forming an impromptu guard around him. Alex carried the damaged helmet.

On the way, we passed a couple of bicyclists going uphill, and I heard one of them make a snide comment about Ron not wearing his helmet. Of course, it was too difficult to explain why, we were all big believers in helmets (especially after what we just saw).

We ended up riding to downtown Los Altos and went to a Peet's Coffee to get a bit to eat and drink, and just rest and relax while we waited for Ramon. We all definitely needed a chance to sit and take a break at this point.

Here is Ron smiling holding his lifesaver (photo by Alex).
14 - View of the San Mateo bridge39 viewsMy "usual" bridge (by car or motorcycle). Notice how far out of my way I had to go!

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