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2009-05-03 BF Slowpoke Ride


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2009-05-17 BF Pescadero pre-ride


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2009-05-31 Birdy hill extravaganza


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01 - Bow box126 viewsBow arrived from the previous rider in this nicely decorated box.
05 - Ron at top of climb115 views
63 - Ron and Henry72 views
43 - Ron's tulip67 viewsI quickly pulled over just past Ron's bike and headed over to him, my heart in my throat. Alex was just behind me, and pulled over also. Alex, Andrea and I got Ron talking, and he said he felt ok except his hip was slightly sore. He then started to move, and was actually able to stand and start walking. I was absolutely amazed, and totally thankful.

We told him to take it easy and moved his bike off the road. Marco and his girlfriend Ruth also showed up by this time.

We then looked at the aftermath of the accident. None of us saw it happen, Andrea heard the screech and then I was the first on the scene.

Ron: Amazingly enough, moving, walking, and talking. He had no memory of what happened, and was only slightly sore.
Ron's helmet: The rear was disintegrated. I was convinced it saved his life.
Ron's bike: We untangled the chain, popped the displaced tire and tube back into place, and found that the rear wheel was wobbly. It turned out to be a loose spoke which we couldn't fix at the time, but we disabled his rear brake so that the bike could roll.
Ron's tulip: A little worse for wear, but better it than Ron (photo by Alex).

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