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2002-09-21 Grover at Livermore


Agility is a really fun sport for dogs and handlers. The handler (usually the owner) directs the dog to navigate an obstacle course in a particular order. The handler can walk the course in advance, but the dog never sees it in advance. The obstacles can include various types of jumps and tunnels, weave poles (like a slalom), teeters, dogwalk (like a balance beam), and more.

Grover did a nice job at this NADAC trial. I tried with Watson too, but she was having an off day, so no photos of her.

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2002-02 Watson at Morgan Hill


This was our very first agility trial (AKC). I only entered Watson as Grover was not quite ready at that point. We had a lot of fun there. The photos were done by a professional, these are scanned prints.

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2002-10-20 Watson at Pleasanton


I ran both Watson and Grover in this AKC trial. Watson earned her one and only "Q" here, I was very proud. Grover did well too, but no pictures of him unfortunately.

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Watson is a female whippet, born in 1998. I adopted her from an all-breed rescue group at 5 months old.

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Grover is a male whippet born in 1997. I adopted him through Whippet Rescue at 3 years old.

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Group shots


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Pet Camp


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Lure coursing
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2002-08-18 Hollister ASFA trial


Lure coursing is a sport which allows sighthounds to chase a "lure" as if it were a rabbit running across a field. Typically the lure is a piece of a plastic garbage bag that is dragged around a field on a line and pulleys, powered by a starter motor. Up to 3 dogs run at any given time, wearing different color jackets, and are judged on various criteria, including speed, agility, and ability to follow the lure. Of course the dogs are just out there to have fun.

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