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2007-07 - Murnau and Munich


I really enjoyed driving in Germany on my previous business trip, so I decided to try renting a motorcycle this time around! I reserved the smallest (shortest) one I could find, a BMW F650GS single-cylinder bike. It ended up being quite big for me, but still manageable. I had a lot of fun riding around the Alps on it, and even made some of my coworkers jealous....

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2007-09 - Singapore, Netherlands, Paris, Zurich


Another multi-continent business trip, I started with a week in Singapore, and took advantage of the nice weather for some fun on my first day there. I then flew to Amsterdam (via Heathrow) and took a train to Utrecht to spend the weekend with my friends Harmony (Canadian) and Ivo (Dutch), who had just moved there. From Utrecht it was off to Paris via the Thalys train from Rotterdam. After 2 days in Paris, we took moto taxis to CDG airport and flew back to Amsterdam, and then took 2 trains to get to a small town called Oss. 2 days in Oss, then it was back to the airport and off to Zurich (via Gatwick). After a day and a half in Zurich it was finally time to head back home (via DC - no direct legs this entire trip).

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2007-06 - Sweden, Germany, Paris


This midsummer trip took me to Sweden (Stockholm and Sodertalje), Germany (Penzberg and Munich), and Paris. I had a little bit of time to explore Stockholm and Uppsala while I was in Sweden, and ended up renting a canoe and paddling around the islands, and visiting one of the museums.

In Germany I got to drive on the Autobahn for the first time, in an Audi A4.

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2007-12 - DC and Boston


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