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Watson clearing double jump118 viewsA spectator took this picture of Watson, tracked me down and sent it to me. It is special to me because this is from the only time she ever earned a "Q".Aug 23, 2007
Watson over double jump136 viewsWatson doesn't seem to have any trouble with this 20" double-length jumpAug 23, 2007
Watson coming out of the tunnel157 viewsShe looks pretty intense hereAug 23, 2007
Grover jumping203 viewsNo problem clearing the 20" jumpAug 23, 2007
Grover on the teeter142 viewsThe teeter can be one of the scariest obstacles for the dogs. Here Grover is waiting for it to tip down.Aug 23, 2007
Grover coming out of tunnel144 viewsTunnels are Grover's favoriteAug 23, 2007
Grover weave poles 2148 viewsAug 23, 2007
Grover doing weave poles152 viewsDogs have to weave in and out of the poles like a slalomAug 23, 2007
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