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09 - After removing pedals, wheels and seat76 views
42B - Bicycle warning sign64 viewsWe were now descending again, this time on Altamont. Approaching one corner, I saw a warning sign aimed specifically at bicycles, which I am not used to seeing.

I couldn't find a real picture of it but it kind of looked like this, with some text warning too.

I heeded the signs and slowed my speed. As I came around a left corner, a scene of horror greeted my eyes. Ron was lying underneath a guardrail, up against one of the posts, completely still. His bike was in the middle of the road, a bit downhill from him. Andrea had stopped about a block further down the hill, and was just getting off her bike and running up.
70 - Pete on a fixie48 viewsTrying out Henry's bike.
69 - Henry tries the Birdy48 views
01 - Bow box47 viewsBow arrived from the previous rider in this nicely decorated box.
13 - Dumbarton Rail Bridge47 viewsView from Dumbarton Bridge. This is an old defunct rail bridge that hasn't been used in a very long time. It runs parallel to the Dumbarton Bridge, to the south.
09 - Approach to Dumbarton bridge46 views
07 - Waiting at an intersection45 viewsThe first part of my commute was through urban areas, I was busy battling traffic and didn't take too many pictures. Here's one of us waiting at an intersection.

BTW several people thought I was absolutely crazy to ride 50 miles on a full-suspension, small-wheeled bike while carrying a big backpack that was even heavier than the bike.
05 - Bow on the Birdy45 viewsBetween craziness at work and business travel I hadn't gotten to do my bike commute in a couple of months, so I was looking forward to it. I also wanted to try out my new Birdy on a longer ride so I'd know what to expect about trying to take it with me on some of my travels.

When I woke up Friday morning I was pretty tired, but knowing I was taking Bow inspired me to carry through with my plans to commute on my folder. Thanks Bow!
12 - Birdy and Bow on the Bridge45 viewsWe took a brief photo break at the top of the bridge.
11 - Speed limit44 viewsNo worries about me breaking the speed limit here!
10 - Bike path on Dumbarton Bridge44 viewsThe Dumbarton Bridge has a separated bike/pedestrian lane, but you are still riding next to traffic going 80-90 mph, and it is quite windy, so it can be a bit of an adventure.

I have a reverse commute, I've not yet seen anybody else doing the commute in my direction.
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