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2008-09 San Juan Islands KayakingLynette and I signed up for an REI Adventures 6-day kayaking and camping trip in the San Juan Islands. Our group ended up being 11 people total, plus 2 fantastic guides and chefs, Nikken and Ryan. We started off by taking the float plane to Friday Harbor (San Juan Island), spent a night on San Juan, then paddled to Stuart Island, spent 2 nights there, paddled to Jones Island, spent 2 nights there, and then back to Friday Harbor. We spent a night at a B&B in Friday Harbor (the hot shower and real bed and pillows were really appreciated) before heading back to Seattle via float plane.
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Sept 07 - SFO to Seattle to Smallbox Bay


On the first day, I flew to Seattle and caught the shuttle to Lake Union, where I met Lynette. We then took the float plane from Lake Union to Friday Harbor. Group members Ned and Gloria were also on the float plane, although we hadn't met them yet. After wandering around town a bit, we met one of our guides (Nikken) the rest of the group at the Whale Museum, had a little orientation, then were driven over towards Smallpox Bay where we met our other guide (Ryan), and camped the night there.

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Sept 08 - Smallbox Bay to Stuart Island


This was our first day of paddling...we learned how to load up the kayaks, proper paddle technique, and some rescue techniques (which we never needed). We paddled from Smallpox Bay to Stuart Island's Reid Harbor via Mosquito Pass, stopping at Posey Island for lunch on the way.

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Sept 09 - Around Stuart Island


We paddled out of Reid Harbor and clockwise around the island, near to the Lighthouse, in an attempt to spot Orcas. Unfortunately, we weren't so lucky, so headed back to camp and hiked up there.

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Sept 10 - Stuart Island to Jones Island


Another early morning, we got up, paddled by Spieden Island where we saw lots of wildlife, and then crossed over to Jones Island in time for lunch. After setting up camp, we all hiked around the island and relaxed a bit. After dinner and a birthday celebration for Gloria, we went for a moonlight paddle around the island, having fun looking at the bioluminescence.

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Sept 11 - Yellow Island and Deer Harbor


On Thursday, the group decided to visit Yellow Island (once a private home, now a nature conservancy), and then have a taste of civilization at Deer Harbor (aka "Beer Harbor") on Orcas Island. We spent the afternoon relaxing, then made s'mores and sang over a roaring campfire thanks to former boy scout Hank.

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Sept 12 - Jones Island to Friday Harbor


On our last day of paddling, we headed back for Friday Harbor, unloaded and transferred all of the gear and luggage, and said our farewells. Five of us (me, Lynette, Rolf, Liz and Janet) spent the night in Friday Harbor, so we got together at a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner.

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Sept 13 - Friday Harbor to Seattle and SFO


Lynette and I took the float plane back from Friday Harbor to Seattle's Lake Union. I got to sit in the co-pilot seat this time! She spent one more night in Seattle, and I headed to Sea-Tac airport and home in time for my birthday the next day.

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2008-08 Lake Tahoe road trip


Dave and I rode our Ducs up to South Lake Tahoe for a long weekend

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2008-11 Thanksgiving in MA


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Random files - 2008 Holiday trips
26 - Lew Dodd's grave marker52 viewsOn Yellow Island (photo by Bill)
11 - Deciding tomorrow's course36 viewsRolf, Ryan, Jake, Janet, Ned, Gloria, Nikken, me, Hank, Liz and Bill puzzle over the map (photo by Lynette)
09 - Sitting down over quesadillas46 viewsMe, Liz, Hank, Jake, Bill, Diane, Rolf, Gloria, Ned, and Janet (photo by Lynette)
12 - Map with approximate route42 viewsStarted in Smallpox Bay (San Juan Island), went through Mosquito Pass to Posey Island for lunch, then crossed over to Stuart Island and Reid Harbor
08 - View from North Cove of Jones Island60 views
05 - Kayaks parked at Reid Harbor60 views
01 - Campsite on Stuart Island36 views
24 - Goofy group shot41 viewsHank, Nikken, Lynette, Gloria, Bill, Ned, Liz, Jake, me, Diane, Rolf and Janet (photo by Ryan with Bill's camera)

Last additions - 2008 Holiday trips
01 - Bike ride around Rutland142 viewsOn Dave's childhood bike - old and heavy!Nov 26, 2008
Bill, me and Jake127 views(photo by Hank)Oct 02, 2008
Lynette and me paddling113 views(photo by Jake)Oct 02, 2008
On the tree swing123 views(photo by Jake)Oct 02, 2008
On stuart Island124 views(photo by Jake)Oct 02, 2008
Bill, me and Jake118 views(photo by Hank with Jake's camera)Oct 02, 2008
Ryan paddling117 views(photo by Hank)Oct 02, 2008
Nikken paddling112 views(photo by Hank)Oct 02, 2008