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2005-06 London


This was my first time to London, as well as my first international business trip. We were there for a product launch, and managed to find a little free time afterwards as well.

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2005-08 Osaka


This was my first of many visits to Japan.

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2005-09 Geneva


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2005-10-11 World Imaging Tour


Around the world in 30 days! This was my craziest business trip ever, and I hope to never do another one like it.

I was away from home for 30 days, and in that time visited Seattle, Chicago, Munich, Toulouse, London, Peterborough, Cambridge (UK), Reading, Lyon, Grenoble, Paris, London, New York, Newark, Boston, Cambridge (MA), Newark, DC, Tokyo, Kamakura, and Osaka. I only had three non-work, non-traveling days, Cambridge, Paris, and Kamakura.

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Random files - 2005 Business trips
16-Big Echo Karaoke103 viewsAn appropriate name for this karaoke joint in Tokyo
17-Beach in Kamakura57 viewsNice to finally get out of the big cities in Japan, we took the train down from Tokyo for the day
Lab slippers109 viewsJust as in a house, you must take off your shoes and put on slippers when entering the lab. It makes it interesting when several people are carrying in a heavy piece of equipment....
15-Boats on the Charles River96 viewsFrom my hotel in Cambridge
20-Big slippers for the Big Buddha116 viewsThey are a bit big for Jen and Jan
18-Big Buddha207 viewsJen and I pose in front of the most notable landmark in Kamakura
04-Notre Dame129 views
Cathedral in Lausanne102 views

Last additions - 2005 Business trips
14-The smoking dog126 viewsAnother sign that amused me, this one in ParisAug 29, 2007
12-Sunset over Paris139 viewsAug 29, 2007
11-Sunset over Paris138 viewsAug 29, 2007
23-Sushi USB keys147 viewsVery tasty!Aug 29, 2007
24-Mount Fuji136 viewsTaken from the Shinkansen (bullet train) between Tokyo and OsakaAug 29, 2007
04-Notre Dame129 viewsAug 29, 2007
05-Notre Dame from below131 viewsThis angle reminds me of how imposing Notre Dame isAug 29, 2007
09-Evening in Paris137 viewsView from the Arc de TriompheAug 29, 2007