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6-Bike in the Alps216 viewsI really enjoyed riding around the Alps with the incredible mountains and lakes all around me.
1-Bike rental shop in Munich154 viewsI rented my bike from a great little shop in Munich. They had quite a few bikes available, but not too many that I would have fit on. The only other one I considered was a Monster, slightly bigger than mine, but unfortunately it was unavailable. Apart from being up on my toes at stops and having difficulty reaching the turn signals, I managed fine. It was a fun little single-cylinder bike, turned nicely although it did get a bit wobbly at higher speeds.
3-Bike at our hotel169 viewsWe stayed at a very nice hotel in Murnau. The side cases on the bike were handy for traveling, although it did make the bike a bit more awkward for me with the added weight. I didn't really need them on the way there though, as my bag had been lost on the flights.
4-Murnau mountain scenery148 viewsThis was right outside our hotel.
2-Tuesday's ride from Munich to Murnau126 viewsI was tired from all the flying, so I decided just to take the direct route on the Autobahn.
5-Wednesday's post-meeting ride144 viewsThis was recommended to me by some of the locals. I was told that the road from Kochel am See down to Krun is so popular with motorcycles they are only allowed there on weekdays, not weekends. Most of the German sportbike riders waved to me, felt like home!
8-Thursday's scenic route from Murnau back to Munich146 views
7-Me and the bike exploring the Alps255 viewsI had a lot of fun riding, I would definitely rent a bike again in Germany.
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