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01 - Stray kitty in Hong Kong137 views
02 - Side of Victoria Peak118 viewsI tried to climb to the top, but the way was closed due to maintenance, so only made it about 3/4 of the way.
03 - Engineering sign121 viewsThis sign in Hong Kong amused me.
04 - Chinese alligator123 viewsAt the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens
05 - Chinese alligator sign116 views
06 - Alligator sign114 views
07 - Hong Kong building111 viewsInteresting cross, not sure what the building was
08 - 20% grade149 viewsActually the traffic, not the hills, made HK seem bike-unfriendly.
09 - Bike in Woodlands area (North part of Singapore)120 viewsI decided to rent a nicer bike for this trip - I managed to find a shop (the Bike Boutique) which rents out road bikes, I got a nice carbon fiber (no-name brand) bike, unfortunately it was a bit large for me. I rode around in Singapore, got lost and ended up on the expressway a couple of times, before I managed to get out of town and head north.
10 - Bike in Malaysia (Johor Bahru)125 viewsI decided to ride the bike across the Causeway from Singapore to Malaysia. It wasn't clear from the signs which lane I was supposed to take (they had one for buses, one for motorcycles which went on the expressway, and one for cars), so I decided to go through the building with the pedestrians. After navigating lots of stairs and a vertical turnstile, I got pulled aside by the authorities. Apparently I was not allowed to go that way, and was supposed to have gone with the motorcycles. They debated my situation for a while, as I waited nervously. Finally, they allowed me through, and escorted me back out of the building to the motorcycle lane. I didn't spend much time in Malaysia, and also had a bit of trouble getting back into Singapore.
11 - Rental bike closeup131 viewsA better look at my bike. This picture was taken in West Coast park on my second day of riding.
12 - Me and my bike in West Coast park170 viewsWest Coast park is much smaller and quieter than East Coast park.
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