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Last additions - July 4 - Kilkee to Lisdoonvarna
Kilkee to Lisdoonvarna - 64 miles181 viewsVery wet and windy all day. Includes extra side trip from Lisdoonvarna to Cliffs of Moher at the end.Jul 12, 2007
My bike with tandem at Cliffs of Moher136 viewsOn my excursion to the Cliffs of Moher, I saw Heike and Wolfgang's tandem, so I parked next to them. I didn't see the two of them until I got back to the B&B though.Jul 12, 2007
Brief break in the rain162 viewsJul 12, 2007
The infamous U-turn road136 viewsTaking U-turns in the opposite direction on narrow roads is more challenging than you might think! Add in foot straps and a bit of target fixation and you have all the ingredients for a fall. Luckily I landed correctly with my weight across my forearm, and only suffered minor bruises and scrapes. I got much better at U-turns later on, necessitated by the lack of street signs (and the possibility that the few that existed had turned around in the wind).Jul 12, 2007
Cliffs of Moher137 viewsUnfortunately the rain really cut down the visibility at this spectacular location. These cliffs are also known as the "Cliffs of Insanity" from the "Princess Bride".Jul 12, 2007
Tower at Cliffs of Moher130 viewsIt was much too windy to walk up there!Jul 12, 2007
Cliffs of Moher129 viewsI took advantage of a brief break in the rain for a better shot here.Jul 12, 2007
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